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The Radio Deadly Show Ep 0026: The Turning Tide

Michale Graves starts the show with very special guest Cara Castronuova, the founder of Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP), along with Arturo and Pawl. Cara tells Michale about her organization and the widely publicized event they held in New York City over the weekend; which was targeted by Antifa goons. Despite some internet troubles from deep in the Catskills, Michale carries on with the interview over the phone, where they discuss Antifa leader and head of "the One People's Project," Daryle Lamont Jenkins, being caught on tape using his foot soldiers to try to physically stop people from attending Cara's rally. They talk about unfair treatment of the people who are currently being held in prison on trumped up charges because of political pressure stemming from their conservative leanings and support for President Trump. Cara also gives us a look at her relationship with Ashli Babbit's mother and the future of her movement.

Aug 02nd, 2021

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